Exceeding standard – Sprockets and plate sprockets.

Sprockets and plate sprockets have a significant influence on the efficiency and service life of the entire drive. We offer our customers customized combinations that convince both in terms of function and cost-efficiency. State-of-the-art machining technology also enables us to customize our sprockets.

Our sprockets come with a one-side hub as standard and are suitable for simplex and duplex chains.

Our standard range includes sprockets for simplex and duplex roller chains in the pitch range from ⅜ to 1 ¼" as well as plate sprockets for simplex roller chains from ⅜ to 1 ¼". These sprockets have a pre-drilled hole according to ISO and are available from stock.

The range includes:

•    Witra sprockets for simplex (3/8“ - 1 ¼“) and duplex  (3/8“ - 1“) roller chains
•    Witra sprockets for simplex roller chains (3/8“ - 1 ¼“)

Customization options for sprockets

We offer our customers precise adaptation of sprockets and plate sprockets. Thanks to our high-performance machining centers, we are able to realize a variety of different machining options such as reaming, grooving, inserting threads or pin holes on standardized pre-drilled sprockets.

All this can be done extremely flexibly and quickly, because we have access to a large stock with various sizes and models on site. Thus, we can deliver perfectly customized sprockets according to your requirements within the shortest possible time.