Cost-efficient and powerful – Industrial chains for a broad range of applications.

Witra roller chains stand out due to their exceptional price-performance ratio. In addition to the proven quality, our customers particularly appreciate our individual customization options and services.


We offer a wide range of roller chains, leaf chains, hollow pin chains and conveyor chains.

In addition to the usual standard chains, our comprehensive stock range also includes special versions such as roller chains with U-bolts from ½ to 1" in simplex and duplex design. These are particularly suitable for transport goods in the building materials industry. For the wood processing industry, we also offer simplex conveyor chains from 1 to 2".

We stock roller chains with elastomer profiles from ½ to ¾" in simplex and duplex design and 1" in simplex design for gentle transport of goods with sensitive surfaces such as those in the furniture industry.

The following chain types are available from stock:

•    Roller chains according to ISO 606 (European type)
•    Double pitch chains according to ISO 1275 (European type)
•    Roller chains according to ISO 606 (American type)
•    Double pitch chains according to ISO 1275
     (American type, straight plates)
•    Roller chains according to ISO 606 (American type, heavy series)
•    Roller chains with straight side plates
•    Roller chains made of stainless steel
•    Nickel-plated roller chains
•    Leaf chains type series LL according to ISO 4347
•    Leaf chains type series BL according to ISO 4347
•    Roller chains with attachment side plates
•    Hollow pin chains
•    Roller chains with U-type attachments
•    Roller chains with elastomer profiles
•    Lumber conveyor chain & attachments